Life informed by life informed by life

I feel new terrain underneath my feet.

With all the grief of the world pouring down in hatred, anger, deception, violence , fear... and physically, in ashes, there is also the always of life informed by life informed by life.

We are tired. We are frightened. We are anxious. Soft little animals, our hearts still beating with life informed by life informed by life.

We can still call out in all directions, call for the stars, call for the rivers, call for the trees and the flowers and the roots and the leaves...

We can call out to each other and carry for small seconds one another’s weight, hold for moments one another’s dreams...

When my feet touch down it’s different from when my eyes look up. My feet touch down on the endless history of life informed by life informed by life. Earth, stone, twig, seed...

And when they ground, the perspective is greater. The time we try and measure, this blip of existence, this spark of imbalance is so very small. When my feet touch ground I have time for a glance toward my daughter, 1,028 tiny lines on a teabag, the moment of hot shower when everything feels just right, a sip of morning tea, thread through the eye of a needle...

I have the time to meet you here and to thank you for your company. Together we are life informed by life informed by life.


  • eye of a needle tattoo please…. I love you, thank you for what you ADD to this blip. So much. I love you.

    Cami Dreyer
  • Thank you for this wise and beautiful message to begin my day.


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