Rise and Bloom

is an invitation to enter a world as I create it. Meet the characters as they emerge, one fine line and one small stitch at a time. No tickets needed. No passports required. Come as you are. Find your place in the story.


The Teabag Project

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Stitch Meditations

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Installation Project

The Embroidered Forest is a family of embroidered friends, each piece born from the stream of consciousness that has run through the fingers of generations of woman . The dolls are not yet for purchase but I invite you to join the story as it continues to emerge and to meet the characters as they arrive... 

The Embroidered Forest

The Creator/The Storyteller


The Frog Queen/Alchemy

Onion Girl and The Fish/Connection

The Witness


Solomon's Seal/Encouragement

Lighthouse Lady/ Innocence

Protector of Bones/ Collector of Bones